Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bates Motel: Why is Robert Pattinson's little brother on the show? (videos)

I am loving A&E's new series Bates Motel, and apparently, I'm in great company. According to a new press release, the new series opened to 4.6 million viewers. My guess is the show will continue to draw audiences. There are many aspects to this show that put it in the forefront for being one of cable network's most watched series, and should continue to draw attraction to the A&E network. I have so many praises for this series, I'm really not sure where to begin. From Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates, to the wonderfully creative way in which the directors incorporated the vintage setting of the original Psycho movie for the motel, while bringing the show into a modern day environment, I'm thrilled with this psychological portrait that helps us understand one of Hollywood's most sinister characters: Norman Bates.

"Bates Motel" Episode 102. Dylan Massett and Norma Bates.
Photo by Joseph Lederer Copyright 2012

On another note, I wonder how many people were like I and noticed some similarities between several cast members and other stars. First of all, there is the character of Richard Sylmore, played by 21-year-old Richard Harmon. Oh my gosh, can we say Edward Cullen's long lost brother? It didn't help that we were introduced to Richard in the dimly lit, pale-green. Twilight setting that instantly took me away from Bates and had me wondering if Bella was at the party.

Yes, it has nothing to do with Bates Motel, but Harmon has an uncanny resemblance to Robert Pattinson (he isn't really his little brother, just looks like him). So much so, it took me out of the Norman Bates moment and into Stephenie Meyers' saga. I'd like to see Harmon and Pattinson cast as brothers in another film. That would be awesome.

Richard Harmon (l) Robert Pattinson (r) there is no known shared lineage between the two. 

Okay, second similarity that I believe will only help Bates' success is Vera Farmiga and her little sister Taissa Farmiga. Vera Farmiga is not as well known as she should be, but I feel that will soon change. Vera has been in numerous films, but was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Alex Goran in the George Clooney pic Up in the Air. Even then,many were unaware of exactly who Vera Farmiga was.

Though there is quite an age difference between Vera and little sister Taissa, they look incredibly similar as most siblings do. Taissa Farmiga starred in the FX hit American Horror Story as Violet Harmon. To see Vera Farmiga enter into the horror genre after Taissa's success in American Horror Story is just too perfect.

Now, Carlton Cruse and Kerry Ehrin serve as executive producers for Bates Motel. Cruse produced Lost while Ehrin worked on Friday Night Lights. Lost alumni Nestor Carbonell was undoubtedly selected to play the dual role of Sheriff Alex Romero / Sheriff Royce Romero due to his connections to Lost, but in a strange coincidence, Carbonell bears an uncanny resemblance to the original Norman Bates: Anthony Perkins. I believe Carbonell looks so similar to Perkins, that should Bates Motel wish to ever portray a grown Norman Bates, they don't need a casting call, but could simply give Carbonell a triple role!

Check out this side-by-side photo with Nestor Carbonell on the left and Anthony Perkins on the right.

Nestor Carbonell (l) Anthony Perkins (r)

Honestly, I think Carbonell's striking physical similarity to Perkins is another bit of distraction as I'm sure many who watched the original Psycho might wonder why Perkins son is in the television series.

Okay...well that brings us to...Freddie Highmore, who plays Norman Bates. While Carbonell looks more like Perkins than Freddie Highmore does, it has to be said that Highmore's acting skills are top-of-the line. He has brought many of the nuances Perkins and Hitchcock created in the character to the television screen and it's been delightful to watch. From Highmore's opening segment where he stumbled out of his room searching for his deceased father, to his stammering ways that reveal Norman Bates is a few jokers short of a full deck, Highmore does a magnificent job capturing and portraying the essence of Norman Bates.

If you've missed the first two episodes of Bates Motel, I recommend you tune in and check out this great series.

Bates Motel airs on the A&E network, Monday nights at 10 pm, ET with numerous replays throughout the week. Check your local listings. Those who have On Demand programming will also find Bates Motel readily available for watching 24/7. Those without cable programming can watch the show online at the official A&E network.

Bates Motel: Episode One

(Episode 1) First You Dream, Then You DieEpisode: 101 Premiere Date: Mar 18, 2013 After the tragic death of her husband, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) buys a motel on the outskirts of an idyllic coastal town seeking a fresh start. Her handsome and shy teenage son Norman (Freddie Highmore) quickly catches the eyes of the local girls, much to his mother's horror. Norma and Norman soon discover the idyllic town isn't what it seems.

Bates Motel: Episode Two

(Episode 2) Nice Town You Picked, Norma...Episode: 102 Premiere Date: Mar 25, 2013 Dylan wastes no time causing trouble at home and all the while, the Bates family is inexorably drawn into the dark underbelly of White Pine Bay.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kendall Jenner too skinny? Compared to what, Kim Kardashian? (photos, videos)

Kendall Jenner, the younger, half-sister of the Kardashians is making headlines not just for her stunning Harpers Bazaar Arabia photo shoot, but for responding to critics who deem the model is too skinny.

First, Kendall Jenner is 17-years-old, therefore, critics should take into account that when they begin to rip apart the young socialite's physical appearance, they are attacking a model. Second, Kendall Jenner is a Wilhelmina model, her information (such as measurements) are posted publicly on the site, and as you can see, the stunning 5'10" model is right in the range of other models. Kendall Jenner is embarking upon a thriving modeling career and the daughter of Olympic, gold-medalist Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner is definitely leaving her mark. While it is true that there are many in the modeling and fashion industry who exploit severely underweight and anorexic models, it doesn't appear that Kendall Jenner is so thin that she warrants this type of unwanted attention.

Is it possible that critics are comparing her to her half-sisters Kourtney, Khloe and pregnant Kim Kardashian, therefore feeling the teenager is too skinny?

  Kendall Jenner apparently loves modeling, as revealed by several of her tweets
It is a bit ironic that Kendall Jenner is getting undue attention and accused of being too skinny, while her Kardashian sisters are regularly fed to the media as if they are an all-you-can eat buffet. While Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are continually criticized for their size and accused of being overweight, Kendall is now targeted for being underweight.

Kendall Jenner spoke about the criticism in Harpers Bazaar Arabia. She stated, "I'm constantly criticized for being too skinny. I'm trying to gain weight but my body won't let it happen. What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat. It's not a nice feeling."

Do you think those criticizing Kendall Jenner for her weight are actually bullying her?

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