Thursday, September 5, 2013

Watch video: Did Justin Bieber use the N-Word in new song?

To be embroiled in a controversy for using the "N-Word" is death to a career, just ask Paula Deen. Now, rumors are circulating that Justin Bieber is guilty of using the forbidden, racial epithet in one of his songs. Fortunately for Bieber fans, this is just a rumor and there is no truth to it. That's right folks, Justin Bieber did not utter, rap, mutter, sing, or shout the N-Word while outdriving paparazzo on L.A.'s freeways.

What happened is this: an unidentified hacker created a website and uploaded a song titled "What She Wants (Official 2013), to a seemingly official YouTube account. The account was NOT official, but the a fake and the song in the video was not sung by Bieber.

You can watch this video report exposing the hoax and word is that Bieber's team wants to track the perpetrator and take legal action.

The fake song has since been removed by YouTube.

Have no fear Beliebers, Bieber did not sing, rap, or shout the N-Word.


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