Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscars: Remember when Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathway opened the Oscars? (videos)

This was a significant moment for me. First, it was when I realized Hugh Jackman was more than a handsome, hairy Wolverine, but was very talented, and when I realized that Disney's "Princess Diaries" lead actress Anne Hathaway was going to have a huge musical career. Never in my life did I suspect, however, that Jackman and Hathaway would take center stage in Les Miserables.

It was Feb. 22, 2009, and I was so impressed with their opening act, I saved it to my DVR and watched it several times. That transpired into several YouTube searches for Anne Hathaway singing, and wow, was I impressed. I knew then she was so much more than her role in Princess Diaries...but will she win an Oscar tomorrow night for best supporting actress?

I loved her in "Rachel Getting Married" and like Amy Adams, I feel that Anne Hathaway is doing her best to map out a "Meryl Streep" career...(oh my gosh, is there even a better actress than Streep...hmmm...maybe Helen Mirren?). Stepping into Streep's shoes will be a difficult pull for any actress, but I have my eyes on Hathaway and Adams (interesting how they both played Disney princesses) to keep making annual appearances at the Oscars. That is, as long as they keep working.

If you missed the 2009 opening act, you're in luck. I've retrieved it from YouTube and you can watch it in all its glory.


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