Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston Funeral Videos: The Winans Family sings 'Tomorrow'

The Winans family sang "Tomorrow" at the Whitney Houston funeral on February 18, 2012. You may see the video below.

Whitney Houston Funeral Videos: Stevie Wonder sings

Stevie Wonder sang at Whitney Houston's funeral on Feb. 18, 2012. It was a personalized version of "A Ribbon in the Sky" in honor and memory of the beloved singer and actress who battled addiction and ultimately left us too soon.

Whitney Houston Funeral Videos: Tyler Perry speaks

Tyler Perry delivered a powerful word at Whitney Houston's funeral on February 18, 2012. He spoke abou the negative words that many have had against Whitney but reminded all that God was for her.

Tyler Perry sure can preach!

Whitney Houston Funeral Video: BeBe and CeCe Winans

Gospel singers BeBe and CeCe Winans attended the Whitney Houston funeral on Feb. 18, 2012. He shared a funny story of how Whitney wanted to sing backup for them, in order to help them out of a jam. You may see the video below.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

American Idol drama continues as Hollywood week concludes (videos)

It is hard to believe that American Idol is in its 11th season and the show has come a long way since its June 11, 2002 premiere. With the show kicking into high gear, the February 15, 2012 episode sees the conclusion of Hollywood week and soon the top semi finalists will be revealed. Hollywood week began on Feb. 8 and 9 and saw the elimination of Jim Carrey’s daughter, and a number of contestants falling ill, and falling off the platform. During tonight’s performance, they will audition once again before the judging panel: Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler, before battling in the performance challenge on Feb. 16, 2012. There will be 70 top finalists selected when all is said and done. The good news is that those who make it past tonight’s episode will audition again on the same stage where Cirque du Soleil plays their ‘Viva ELVIS’ act: the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Thursday’s performance episode will be a special two-hour event and will air on Feb. 16 from 8-10 pm. Eliminations will continue until Wednesday, Feb. 22 when the judges make their final round of cuts and select those who will be the semifinalists. Don’t miss the judge’s pick on Feb.22 and Feb. 23 as well.
American Idol airs on Fox on Wednesday and Thursday.

Check out some of the action from Hollywood Week in the video player below.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Awards 2012: Opens with prayers, ends with demonic possession, thoughts? (videos)

The February 12, 2012 Grammy Awards opened with a prayer led by host LL Cool J after the sudden and tragic death of Whitney Houston, and ended with a bizarre portrayal of demon possession. Internet buzz has been in favor of LL’s prayer while many were left sidetracked and confused by Minaj’ display of ill-fitting lyrics and an assault on Catholicism. One question frequently asked on today’s social media networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, is whether LL Cool J planned the prayer or if it was an impromptu move.

LL Cool J uttered the following words, “Heavenly father, we thank you for sharing our sister Whitney with us. Today our thoughts are with her mother, her daughter and all of her loved ones. And although she is gone too soon, we remain truly blessed to have been touched by her beautiful spirit, and to have the legacy of her music to cherish and share forever. Amen." By the way some of those in attendance responded, it appeared they had no idea about the prayer. LL Cool J also looked as if he had a glint in his eye before leading the prayer, sort of, “I’m going to pray for Whitney’s family whether you like it or not” though this may be conjecture on my part.

What did you think of LL Cool J’s prayer? Were you offended that he offered prayer for Whitney’s family? It may have been more offensive to many if he had prayed in “Jesus’ name.” What really may be the most important question, however, is what was more offensive: LL Cool J’s prayer or Nicki Minaj’ Roman Holiday revisited (the demon possession of her alter ego Roman Zolanski)?

Catholic League President Bill Donohue fired back after Minaj’ perplexing performance and asked if she was possessed. The statement reads as follows:

Nicki Minaj, fresh off looking like a fool with Madonna at the Super Bowl, showed up last night on the red carpet at the Grammys with a guy dressed like the pope. This was just a prelude of what was to come.

Minaj’s performance began on stage with a mock confessional skit. This was followed by a taped video depicting a mock exorcism. With stained glass in the background, she appeared on stage again with choir boys and monks dancing.

Perhaps the most vulgar part was the sexual statement that showed a scantily clad female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy knelt between her legs in prayer. Finally, “Come All Ye Faithful” was sung while a man posing as a bishop walked on stage; Minaj was shown levitating.

None of this was by accident, and all of it was approved by The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys. Whether Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility of The Recording Academy. Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam.

It’s bad enough that Catholics have to fight for their rights vis-à-vis a hostile administration in Washington without also having to fend off attacks in the entertainment industry. The net effect, however, will only embolden Catholics, as well as their friends in other faith communities.

What did you think of Minaj’ performance? What were you more offended by? LL Cool J’s prayer or Nicki Minaj’ demonic possession? Or were you not offended by either?

Whitney Houston’s body returns to New Jersey, Jennifer Hudson tribute (videos)

On February 13, 2012, the body of fallen singer, Whitney Houston, flew from Los Angeles County to her home state of New Jersey. Reports say that producer, writer, and director of films and television, Tyler Perry provided his personal airplane for the transport. The return follows an announcement from Los Angeles County Coroner regarding Whitney Houston’s cause of death.

According to the L.A. County Coroner’s Office, toxicology testing will need to be conducted in order to determine the exact cause of death. It may take up to eight weeks for the tests results to be returned. It has been announced that Whitney Houston’s funeral will be held towards the latter part of this week.

TMZ had reported previously regarding water found in Whitney Houston’s lungs, as she was found by her entourage unresponsive and submerged in the bathtub at her Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel room. Chief Coroner Ed Winter responded to TMZ’ claims and stated, “I know there's reports that she maybe was drowned or did she overdose. But, no, we won't make a final determination until all the tests are in. But there was no visible signs of trauma, and foul play is not suspected at this time.”

As no foul play has been suspected, the investigation into Whitney Houston’s death is not a homicide investigation, but rather a death investigation. It is important to remember that though there are many reports circulating the Internet indicating that Whitney Houston was drinking and taking prescription medications such as Xanax, Lorazepam, and Valium, it will ultimately be the toxicology results that determine the cause of death.

On February 12, 2012, the Grammy Awards paid special tribute to Whitney Houston. What did you think of the show? How has Whitney Houston’s death affected you?

Why the Nicki Minaj ‘Roman Zolanksi’ demon possessed skit was utterly wrong (videos)

Despite the fact that Nicki Minaj’ “Roman Zolanski” was a hot mess, complete with demonic speaking in tongues, levitation, and slams against the Catholic Church, there are other reasons why Nicki Minaj’ performance was utterly wrong: Whitney Houston’s death.

Whitney Houston is the daughter of famous Gospel singer, Cissy Houston. She first sang in church, and some of her most beloved songs are those that are inspirational. She starred in “The Preacher’s Wife” and though some may make theological arguments against Whitney Houston, there is no question that spirituality not only shaped the beloved singer, but also influenced her from her beginnings.

Because Whitney Houston died on the eve of the Grammy Awards, the production was overshadowed by the loss. The show had poignant moments of tribute to Whitney whose family is grieving their loss. Rev. Al Sharpton called for national prayer for Whitney Houston’s family, and LL Cool J opened the Grammy Awards with prayer (which must have been a first). How stark the contrast was for an evening filled with love, prayer, sorrow and mourning to culminate in a horrific display of demon possession and attack on religion.

Simply put, Nicki Minaj’ performance was not only musically terrible, but it was horribly inappropriate in light of the loss of a woman who began her career in the church and is the daughter of a Gospel singer.

The Grammy Awards became a “wake” of sorts, if you will, in honor and memory of one of the greatest female singers that ever lived. There was great focus placed on spirituality, prayer, and grief from the time the show opened. Nicki Minaj not only spit in the face of the Catholic Church with her hellish performance, but I believe she disrespected the memory of Whitney Houston as well.

There were plenty of last minute changes to the Grammy Awards. Jennifer Hudson performed a heart wrenching and stunning tribute to Whitney.

Nicki Minaj would have been better off canceling her “exorcism” and performing something more appropriate for the mood.

Nicki Minaj’ Roman Zolanski not only seemed out of place with the entire mood of the Grammys, it was just plain wrong.

With as many Gospel songs Whitney Houston sang, one must ask what her reaction to Nicki Minaj’ performance would have been?

Whitney Houston sings in New Hope Baptist Church as a child

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opinion on 54th Annual Grammys: Tributes to Whitney, old and the horrendous Nicki Minaj (videos)

I will begin by sharing my opinions on tonight’s 54th Annual Grammys by saying that I was well pleased with the way the show honored Whitney Houston. Though she died suddenly on February 11, 2012, she was not the only great musician lost recently and I thought her death had the prominence deserved without overshadowing the entire awards show, nor did her death over power the tribute to other great artists lost. Overall, I thought the tributes to Whitney were tasteful, well done, and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job singing “I Will Always Love You.” Now, onto the old and the horrendous.

The night started with L.L. Cool J giving opening prayer and then Bruno Mars took the platform and I believe was instrumental in getting the mood from somber to one of celebration. Bruno Mars conjures up many of the old greats: Elvis, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and even a bit of Prince and The Time. I find it extremely enjoyable to see a new generation of music lovers listen to music that reflects so much of the great history of rock and roll. Also bringing some old classics to light and with new flair include bands and singers such as Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Glenn Campbell, and Tony Bennett. Honestly, this year had so many “old” performers that I really enjoyed the Grammys much more than I have in years past. I love Adele and was delighted to see her return and get her props. Things were going very well, that is until the horrendous happened.

Do you know what I mean by horrendous?

That’s right, folks. I am talking Nicki Minaj Roman Zolanski pitiful exorcism/Lady Gaga wanna be.

It was a nightmare and I almost changed the channel.

Get More: Music News

First, I had a hard enough time watching Lady Gaga with her crazed look, reminding me of Norma Desmond. Seriously, I think Gaga’s boat has sailed port and it looked like she was ready to charge the stage in a pitiful attempt to demand her awards. What was that thing she was holding anyway? As I watched in utter amazement at her getup, imagining her veil may have been made from barbed wire, pressing into her face, causing such a twisted appearance (you never know, this is the woman who wore a dress of raw meat); I then began to worry what she had in that golden cane.

Maybe the top screwed off and she had a samurai sword or something. Honestly, that woman is scary! I thought that Gaga’s bizarre looks and insane stares were about as weird as things could get, and then Nicki Minaj unleashed her Zolanski on us.
Nicki Minaj’ performance, was in my opinion, the lowest part of the show. The lyrics were bizarre, the theatrics were crazy, and all I could think of was her ‘people’ saying “this is going to be bigger than Gaga, this is going to be bigger than Gaga” when the person to compete with wasn’t Gaga at all but Adele!
Please folks. One goo-goo eyed Gaga is enough. We don’t need another one conjuring up the hordes of hell and staring into the camera like some zombie-eyed lunatic.

As for me, I’d vote for Adele over Gaga's and Minaj’ demon possessed, lipstick smearing, levitating, mother hating, Roman Zolanksi any day.

I don’t even think the Catholic Church is going to get in an uproar over this- it really isn’t worth it. It truly was pathetic and I’m sure they are just as confused over what transpired as the rest of the viewers are. Was it even offensive? I think it was just terrible.

I enjoyed the Grammys tonight, more so than I have in years. If Minaj had been cut from the show, I would have ventured to say it was a perfect night. Her performance was ridiculous and absolutely horrendous. Honestly, I wouldn’t have blamed the Recording Academy if they promptly took back Minaj’ “Best New Artist” nomination after that monstrosity.

On another note, I must say that I have found a new band tonight, that honestly, I have never heard of before "The Civil Wars." I'm not big on country music so this gem had escaped my notice. Definitely one of my favorite moments tonight was the 60 seconds of "The Civil Wars" singing "Barton Hollow."

Barton Hollow

How to watch Grammy Awards 2012 streaming live online, legally

On February 12, 2012, the 54th annual Grammy Awards will stream live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The show will air on CBS from 8:00pm-11:00pm, but will also be available through online streaming media at Grammys Live and CBS Online. You may access the official “Grammy Live” website here.  The website features live coverage, will showcase red carpet, special Pre-Grammy events, and also provides backstage coverage. There is an archive section with online videos and a full schedule to help you plan your events.

Live Grammy coverage from CBS UStream

You may access the official CBS Grammy site with full coverage including the pre-telecast, behind the scenes coverage, and red carpet events here.   Please keep in mind that if you watch the Grammys at sites other than CBS and the official Grammy Awards site, you are watching an illegal feed. Use either the live stream at CBS or the Grammy Awards or watch on television.

The sudden and shocking death of Whitney Houston has left a somber note over tonight’s activities and singer Jennifer Hudson will perform a tribute to her.

An official statement regarding Whitney Houston’s death was released via video on the Grammy site. You may hear that statement below. Whitney Houston is a six-time Grammy winner. Kim Kardashian spoke at the Pre-Grammy Gala and shared her thoughts regarding Whitney Houston’s death.

Whitney Houston found underwater, autopsy, Xanax, and partied heavily, TMZ reports (videos, photos)

On February 11, 2012, the body of award winning music artist Whitney Houston was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. An autopsy is currently underway, but the celebrity site TMZ has their team working the story and have reported several incidents, not yet reported by other media networks. Please understand that at this time, these reports are solely from TMZ and have not been verified by other sources. This does not mean that TMZ’s reports are inaccurate, just they have not yet been verified by outside sources. According to TMZ’s reports, Whitney Houston’s body was found underwater, the prescription drug Xanax was found in her Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room, and the singer had “partied heavily” the day before.

TMZ posted several photos from inside the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel that appear to show medical and fire rescue workers wheeling a body, covered with a white sheet, presumably Whitney Houston’s body out of a hotel room. TMZ also captured video footage of the Beverly Hills Fire Department paramedics as they drove away with Whitney Houston’s body. They have made their video footage embeddable. You may see it below.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

In another report by TMZ, they stated that Whitney Houston’s only daughter, Bobbi Kristina (father is Bobbi Brown) along with Whitney Houston’s cousin, Dionne Warwick, tried to enter the hotel room where Whitney’s body lay, but was prevented by authorities. It is against protocol for authorities to allow family members or those unconnected with a case into an active investigation. TMZ reports that Bobbi Kristina became so distraught she became hysterical and demanded to see her mother. The grief currently experienced by the Houston family is understandably overwhelming.

TMZ also snapped video footage of Whitney’s ex-husband, Bobbi Brown, as he tried to perform live in Mississippi with New Edition after hearing the news of Whitney’s death. You may see the video where Bobby Brown says, “I don’t know what to say. I love you Whitney,” while performing in the video player below.

Though an official autopsy report will ultimately reveal Whitney Houston’s cause of death, there is growing speculation across the Internet that it is somehow related to drug and alcohol abuse.

TMZ reports hotel staff saying they witnessed Whitney Houston drinking and partying heavily. The report states that even though there was plenty of pre Grammy hubbub about, Whitney and entourage stood out due to their boisterous activities. This report has not been confirmed by outside sources and is not an indication that Whitney Houston’s death is related to drugs and alcohol. The autopsy will ultimately reveal the cause of death. However, it is uncommon for women at 48-years-old to suddenly die, or slip into unconsciousness that leads to death. TMZ has theorized, however, that due to their sources stating Whitney Houston had been prescribed Xanax, that the possibility of combining alcohol and Xanax could cause a situation in which one may lose consciousness, or possibly fall asleep in a bathtub.

The most shocking account by TMZ is that of how Whitney Houston was found underwater. Again, this account was told to TMZ firsthand by unnamed sources and at this time, has not been confirmed by officials working the case. According to TMZ, Whitney Houston’s hairdress, personal stylist, and two of her personal bodyguards were in the hotel room at the time of Whitney Houston’s death. The report states that Whitney had been in the bathroom more than an hour and her entourage grew concerned as Whitney was to attend Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. When knocking on the door proved unsuccessful, a female hairdresser entered the bathroom and discovered Whitney with her face underwater and legs up as if she had slipped underwater and drowned. TMZ continues to say that he hairdress screamed, prompting one of the bodyguards to rush in and perform CPR. It was then that a call to hotel security was placed and soon hotel security, paramedics with the fire department, and soon the Beverly Hills Police Department were at the scene.

In breaking news posted on February 12, 2012, TMZ announced that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.  The report has not been confirmed by outside sources and any information regarding a health issue with Bobbi Kristina is currently unknown. TMZ will continue to follow the story.

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards will air on CBS, February 12, 2012 at 8:00 pm and Jennifer Hudson will perform a musical tribute to Whitney Houston.

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The Associated Press spoke with several of Whitney Houston’s friends and admirers. Hear their reactions to the shocking news that Whitney Houston died at 48-years-old.

Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina at Prince concert

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Watch press conference announcing Whitney Houston dead at 48 (videos)

On February 11, 2012, Beverly Hills Police Lieutenant Mark Rosen held a press conference and confirmed the death of 48-year-old Whitney Houston. He stated that at approximately 3:33 p.m. PT, 6:33 p.m. ET, an emergency call was made from the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel requesting assistance for medical aid. Because the fire department was already at the hotel due to pre-Grammy award activities, medical aid responded approximately two-minutes after receiving the call. When officers with the Beverly Hills Police Department responded to the distress cry, they discovered Whitney Houston unresponsive in the bathtub of the hotel room she was staying in which was on the fourth floor.

The fire department and hotel security were using resuscitation efforts on Whitney Houston before BHPD’s arrival, but they proved futile,. Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM, PT, 6:55 PM, ET on February 11, 2012. Friends, family, and co-workers staying at the hotel made a positive identification and her next of kin were notified. Lieutenant Rosen stated there were no obvious signs of criminal intent, indicating that no blood, illegal substances, or signs of a struggle or criminal activity were present. Beverly Hills Police detectives are currently investigating Whitney Houston’s death. An autopsy is scheduled for February 12, 2012.

When asked if Whitney Houston died from a drug overdose, Lieutenant Rosen responded, “It is still under investigation. We have no obvious signs of anything at this time. The first step in the investigation, according to Lt. Rosen, is to determine whether Whitney Houston died of natural causes or another cause, such as a drug overdose. The case has been be turned over to the coroner’s office so an autopsy may be performed. The initial results may return in 24 hours, but should more testing be required, such as toxicology testing to determine if Whitney Houston died from an overdose, the results may take up to six weeks.

You may see video of Whitney Houston’s last performance as provided by the Associated Press and Jet Magazine. Whitney Houston attended a pre Grammy party on February 9, 2012, just two days before her death, and sang on stage with Kelly Price.

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards are scheduled for February 12, 2012 and will air on CBS at 8:00 pm, ET and PT. Jennifer Hudson will perform a tribute to Whitney Houston, the song choice has yet to be released, and it is unclear whether she will perform a medley of Houston’s greatest hits or just one song. Many feel that should Jennifer Hudson sing one song, the most appropriate would be “I Will Always Love You.”

What has your reaction been to the news that Whitney Houston has died at 48-years-old?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breaking News: Singer Whitney Houston dead at 48 (videos)

Breaking News: CNN and TMZ have officially confirmed that singer, actress, and struggling addict Whitney Houston has died at 48-years-old. Full details regarding Whitney Houston’s death have yet to be revealed. Early reports have provided conflicting information so until Whitney Houston’s family or publicist confirms details, I will not report them. However, TMZ captured a crime lab photograph outside of the Beverly Hilton hotel. (Click here to see the photo)

Photos:  Whitney Houston dead at 48

Whitney Houston married singer Bobby Brown 1992, the couple have one child together; they divorced in 2007. Recent reports have indicated that Whitney Houston and Ray-J were spending a great deal of time together. At this point, it is unclear if Ray J was Whitney Houston at the time of her death.
Stay tuned, as there will be more information coming forward in the next week regarding this tragic and heartbreaking story.

As the 54th Grammys are scheduled for tomorrow, we can only assume that Whitney Houston’s death will be met with great sorrow.

Our condolences go to her family.

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High expectations for Adele as she performs on the 54th Annual Grammy Awards (videos)

The biggest night in music is only a day away, there are high expectations as Grammy nominee, and favorite Adele is expected to perform at the 54th annual Grammy Awards. This will be Adele’s first live performance since undergoing surgery on her vocal chords last year. Adele did sing for Anderson Cooper, however, in an episode that will air on CBS’ 60 Minutes Overtime before the Grammy's air live on CBS.

That performance by Adele was a cappella and has undoubtedly created great buzz and excitement for Adele’s Grammy 2012 performance. You may see the official CBS video of Adele performing for CNN and CBS correspondent Anderson Cooper below.

Adele proved that she still has the chops to deliver a spot on vocal performance on demand. She clearly is top choice for many to win multiple Grammy’s on February 12, 2012.  As for performing on the 54th annual Grammy Awards show, Adele released a statement through CBS.

"I'm immensely proud to have been asked to perform at this year's GRAMMY Awards. It's an absolute honor to be included in such a night and for it to be my first performance in months is very exciting and of course nerve-racking, but what a way to get back into it all," she said.

How excited are you to watch the Grammys live tomorrow and to see Adele return to live performing?

Full list of 54th Grammy Nominees 2012 (huge list)

This is the list for the 54th Grammy nominees which airs on CBS, February 12, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

The list is huge!

Are you looking forward to live entertainment and especially, Adele's return to live performing?  Some of the best musical moments have occurred during the Grammy's and there are great expectations for those performing live tomorrow night.  Who do you hope wins?  Here is the full list for the 2012 Grammy nominees in case you missed it at the official Grammy site.

1. Record Of The Year

Rolling In The Deep

Paul Epworth, producer; Tom Elmhirst & Mark Rankin, engineers/mixers
Track from: 21
[XL Recordings/Columbia Records]


Bon Iver
Justin Vernon, producer; Brian Joseph & Justin Vernon, engineers/mixers
Track from: Bon Iver


Bruno Mars
The Smeezingtons, producers; Ari Levine & Manny Marroquin, engineers/mixers
Track from: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

The Cave

Mumford & Sons
Markus Dravs, producer; Francois Chevallier & Ruadhri Cushnan, engineers/mixers
Track from: Sigh No More
[Glassnote Records]


Katy Perry
Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen & Sandy Vee, producers; Mikkel S. Eriksen, Phil Tan, Sandy Vee & Miles Walker, engineers/mixers

2. Album Of The Year


Jim Abbiss, Adele, Paul Epworth, Rick Rubin, Fraser T. Smith, Ryan Tedder & Dan Wilson, producers; Jim Abbiss, Philip Allen, Beatriz Artola, Ian Dowling, Tom Elmhirst, Greg Fidelman, Dan Parry, Steve Price, Mark Rankin, Andrew Scheps, Fraser T. Smith & Ryan Tedder, engineers/mixers; Tom Coyne, mastering engineer
[XL Recordings/Columbia Records]

Wasting Light

Foo Fighters
Butch Vig, producer; James Brown & Alan Moulder, engineers/mixers; Joe LaPorta & Emily Lazar, mastering engineers
[RCA Records/ Roswell Records]

Born This Way

Lady Gaga
Paul Blair, DJ Snake, Fernando Garibay, Lady Gaga, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, Jeppe Laursen, RedOne & Clinton Sparks, producers; Fernando Garibay, Bill Malina, Trevor Muzzy, RedOne, Olle Romo, Dave Russell, Justin Shirley Smith, Horace Ward & Tom Ware, engineers/mixers; Chris Gehringer, mastering engineer
[Streamline/Interscope/Kon Live]

Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars
B.o.B, Cee Lo Green & Damian Marley, featured artists; Dwayne "Supa Dups" Chin-Quee, Needlz & The Smeezingtons, producers; Ari Levine, Manny Marroquin & Graham Marsh, engineers/mixers; Stephen Marcussen, mastering engineer


Drake, Eminem & Nicki Minaj, featured artists; Ester Dean, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Alex Da Kid, Skylar Grey, Kuk Harrell, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mel & Mus, Awesome Jones, Makeba Riddick, The Runners, Sham, Soundz, Chris "Tricky" Stewart, Sandy Vee & Willy Will, producers; Ariel Chobaz, Cary Clark, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Alex Da Kid, Josh Gudwin, Kuk Harrell, Jaycen Joshua, Manny Marroquin, Dana Nielsen, Chad "C-Note" Roper, Noah "40" Shebib, Corey Shoemaker, Jay Stevenson, Mike Strange, Phil Tan, Brian "B-Luv" Thomas, Marcos Tovar, Sandy Vee, Jeff "Supa Jeff" Villanueva, Miles Walker & Andrew Wuepper, engineers/mixers; Chris Gehringer, mastering engineer
[Def Jam]

3. Song Of The Year

All Of The Lights

Jeff Bhasker, Stacy Ferguson, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter & Kanye West, songwriters (Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie)
Track from: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
[Roc-A-Fella; Publishers: EMI April Music, EMI Blackwood Music, Headphone Junkie Publishing, Please Gimme My Publishing, Very Good Beats/Hip Hop Since 1978]

The Cave

Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford & Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons)
Track from: Sigh No More
[Glassnote Records]


Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars & Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Bruno Mars)
Track from: Doo-Wops & Hooligans
[Elektra; Publishers: Mars Force Music/Bughouse, Music Famamanem/Toy Plane Music/Art For Arts Sake/Late 80s Music/Westside Ind. Music/Studiobeat Music, Warner Tamerlane, Andrew Wyatt, Downtown DMP Songs, EMI April Music, Roc Nation Music]


Justin Vernon, songwriter (Bon Iver)
Track from: Bon Iver
[Jagjaguwar; Publisher: April Base Publishing]

Rolling In The Deep

Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth, songwriters (Adele)
Track from: 21
[XL Recordings/Columbia Records; Publishers: Universal-Songs of Polygram/EMI Music Publishing]

4. Best New Artist

The Band Perry

Bon Iver

J. Cole

Nicki Minaj


5. Best Pop Solo Performance

Someone Like You

Track from: 21
[XL Recordings/Columbia Records]

Yoü And I

Lady Gaga
Track from: Born This Way
[Streamline/Interscope/Kon Live]


Bruno Mars
Track from: Doo-Wops & Hooligans


Katy Perry

F***in’ Perfect

[Jive Records]

6. Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Body And Soul

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse
Track from: Duets II
[Columbia Records]


The Black Keys
Track from: Rave On Buddy Holly


[Capitol Records]

Pumped Up Kicks

Foster The People
Track from: Torches
[Star Time Intl./Columbia]

Moves Like Jagger

Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera
Track from: Hands All Over
[A&M/Octone Records]

7. Best Pop Instrumental Album

Wish Upon A Star

Jenny Oaks Baker
[Shadow Mountain Records]

E Kahe Malie

Daniel Ho
[Daniel Ho Creations]

The Road From Memphis

Booker T. Jones
[Anti Records]

Hello Tomorrow

Dave Koz
[Concord Records]

Setzer Goes Instru-Mental!

Brian Setzer
[Surfdog Records]

8. Best Pop Vocal Album


[XL Recordings/Columbia Records]

The Lady Killer

Cee Lo Green

Born This Way

Lady Gaga
[Streamline/Interscope/Kon Live]

Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars


[Def Jam]

9. Best Dance Recording

Raise Your Weapon

Deadmau5 & Greta Svabo Bech
Joel Zimmerman, producer
Track from: 4x4=12
[Ultra Records]

Barbra Streisand

Duck Sauce
Duck Sauce, producers; Duck Sauce, mixers
[Downtown Records]


David Guetta & Avicii
Avicii, David Guetta & Giorgio Tuinfort, producers; Avicii, mixer
Track from: Nothing But The Beat

Call Your Girlfriend

Klas Åhlund & Billboard, producers; Niklas Flyckt, mixer
Track from: Body Talk Pt. 3

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

Skrillex, producer; Skrillex, mixer
Track from: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
[Big Beat/Atlantic]

Save The World

Swedish House Mafia
Steve Angello, Axel Hedfors & Sebastian Ingrosso, producers; Steve Angello, Axel Hedfors & Sebastian Ingrosso, mixers

10. Best Dance/Electronica Album


[Modular Recordings]


[Ultra Records]

Nothing But The Beat

David Guetta
[Virgin Records]

Body Talk, Pt. 3


Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

[Big Beat/Atlantic]

11. Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

Duets II

Tony Bennett & Various Artists
[Columbia Records]

The Gift

Susan Boyle
[Syco Music/Columbia Records]

In Concert On Broadway

Harry Connick Jr.
[Columbia Records]

Music Is Better Than Words

Seth MacFarlane
[Universal Republic]

What Matters Most - Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics Of Alan And Marilyn Bergman

Barbra Streisand
[Columbia Records]

12. Best Rock Performance

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

[Capitol Records/ EMI/ Parlophone]

Down By The Water

The Decemberists
Track from: The King Is Dead


Foo Fighters
Track from: Wasting Light
[RCA Records/ Roswell Records]

The Cave

Mumford & Sons
Track from: Sigh No More
[Glassnote Records]

Lotus Flower

Track from: The King Of Limbs
[XL/ TBD Recordings]

13. Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance

On The Backs Of Angels

Dream Theater
[Roadrunner Records]

White Limo

Foo Fighters
Track from: Wasting Light
[RCA Records/ Roswell Records]

Curl Of The Burl

[Reprise Records]

Public Enemy No. 1

[Roadrunner Records]

Blood In My Eyes

Sum 41
Track from: Screaming Bloody Murder

14. Best Rock Song

The Cave

Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford & Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons)
Track from: Sigh No More
[Glassnote Records]

Down By The Water

Colin Meloy, songwriter (The Decemberists)
Track from: The King Is Dead
[Capitol; Publisher: Osterozhna Music]

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin, songwriters (Coldplay)
[Capitol Records/ EMI/ Parlophone; Publishers: Edition Pink Music/Hanseatic Musikverklag, Opal Music/Upala Music, Universal Music Publishing, Woulnough Music/Irving Music]

Lotus Flower

Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway & Thom Yorke, songwriters (Radiohead)
Track from: The King Of Limbs
[XL/ TBD Recordings; Publisher: Ticker Tape Ltd.]


Foo Fighters, songwriters (Foo Fighters)
Track from: Wasting Light
[RCA Records/ Roswell Records; Publishers: M.J.-Twelve Music, I Love The Punk Rock Music, Living Under A Rock Music, Flying Earform Music, Ruthensmear Music]

15. Best Rock Album

Rock 'N' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul

Jeff Beck

Wasting Light

Foo Fighters
[RCA Records/ Roswell Records]

Come Around Sundown

Kings Of Leon
[RCA Records]

I'm With You

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Whole Love

[dBpm Records/ Anti Records]

16. Best Alternative Music Album

Bon Iver

Bon Iver

Codes And Keys

Death Cab For Cutie
[Atlantic/ Barsuk]


Foster The People
[Star Time Intl./ Columbia]


My Morning Jacket
[ATO Records]

The King Of Limbs

[XL/ TBD Records]

17. Best R&B Performance

Far Away

Marsha Ambrosius
Track from: Late Nights & Early Mornings
[J Records]

Pieces Of Me

Track from: Pieces Of Me
[Verve Forecast]

Not My Daddy

Kelly Price & Stokley
Track from: Kelly
[My Block/Sang Girl/Malaco]

Is This Love

Corinne Bailey Rae
Track from: The Love EP

You Are

Charlie Wilson
Track from: Just Charlie
[Jive Records]

18. Best Traditional R&B Performance

Sometimes I Cry

Eric Benét

Fool For You

Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona

Radio Message

R. Kelly
Track from: Love Letter
[Jive Records]

Good Man

Raphael Saadiq
Track from: Stone Rollin'
[Columbia Records]


Betty Wright & The Roots
Track from: Betty Wright: The Movie
[Ms B Records & S-Curve Records]

19. Best R&B Song

Far Away

Marsha Ambrosius, Larrance Dopson, Lamar Edwards, Sterling Simms & Justin Smith, songwriters (Marsha Ambrosius)
Track from: Late Nights & Early Mornings
[J Records; Publishers: Marshmellow Music/SPZ Music/Downtown DMP Songs, N.Q.C. Music/F.O.B. Music, YS Publishing, Stone Agate Music]

Fool For You

Cee Lo Green, Melanie Hallim, Jack Splash, songwriters (Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona)
[Radiculture/Elektra; Publishers: Jacks Love Emporium/Radiculture Publishing/EMI Blackwood Music, Chrysalis Music/God Given Music]

Not My Daddy

Kelly Price, songwriter (Kelly Price & Stokley)
Track from: Kelly
[My Block/Sang Girl/Malaco; Publishers: For The Write Price/Roynet]

Pieces Of Me

Charles Harmon, Claude Kelly & Ledisi Young, songwriters (Ledisi)
Track from: Pieces Of Me
[Verve Forecast]

You Are

Dennis Bettis, Carl M. Days, Jr., Wirlie Morris, Charlie Wilson & Mahin Wilson, songwriters (Charlie Wilson)
Track from: Just Charlie
[Jive Records; Publishers: Nephew Wirlie Music, Pacific Coast Pirate Publishing, P Ty Music, Escribir Publishing, Mammas Pebbly Publishing]

20. Best R&B Album


Chris Brown
[Jive Records]

Second Chance

El DeBarge

Love Letter

R. Kelly
[Jive Records]

Pieces Of Me

[Verve Forecast]


Kelly Price
[My Block/Sang Girl/Malaco]

21. Best Rap Performance

Look At Me Now

Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
Track from: F.A.M.E.
[Jive Records]


Jay-Z & Kanye West
Track from: Watch The Throne
[Roc-A-Fella Records/Def Jam]

The Show Goes On

Lupe Fiasco
Track from: Lasers
[1st & 15th/Atlantic]

Moment 4 Life

Nicki Minaj & Drake
Track from: Pink Friday
[Cash Money/Universal Motown]

Black And Yellow

Wiz Khalifa
Track from: Rolling Papers

22. Best Rap/Sung Collaboration


Beyoncé & André 3000
Track from: 4
[Columbia Records]

I'm On One

DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
Track from: We The Best Forever
[Cash Money/Universal Motown]

I Need A Doctor

Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey

What's My Name?

Rihanna & Drake
Track from: Loud
[Def Jam]


Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne
Track from: Here I am
[Universal Motown]

All Of The Lights

Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie
Track from: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

23. Best Rap Song

All Of The Lights

Jeff Bhasker, Stacy Ferguson, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter & Kanye West, songwriters (Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie)
Track from: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
[Roc-A Fella; Publishers: EMI April Music, EMI Blackwood Music, Headphone Junkie Publishing, Please Gimme My Publishing, Very Good Beats/Hip Hop Since 1978]

Black And Yellow

Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen & Cameron Thomaz, songwriters (Wiz Khalifa)
Track from: Rolling Papers
[Rostrum/Atlantic; Publishers: PGH Sound/WB Music/EMI Music]

I Need A Doctor

Andre Young, Marshall Mathers III, Alexander Grant & Skylar Grey, songwriters (Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey)

Look At Me Now

Jean Baptiste, Chris Brown, Ryan Buendia, Trevor Smith, Dwayne Carter, Jr., Wesley Pentz & Nick Van De Wall, songwriters (Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes)
Track from: F.A.M.E.
[Jive Records; Publishers: Songs of Universal/Culture Beyond Ur Experience, I Like Turtles Music/Downtown Music, Cherry315 Publishing/The Bad Bad Guys, Meloist Music, Mack Music/Young Money Publishing/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing, T'Ziah's Music, Tenyor Music]


Shawn Carter & Kanye West, songwriters (James Brown, Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly, Roy Hammond, J. Roach, Kirk Robinson & Harry Woods, songwriters) (Jay-Z & Kanye West)
Track from: Watch The Throne
[Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam; Publishers: Hip Hop Since 1978, EMI Robbins, BMG Gold/Hot Buttermilk Music/BMG Platinum/First Priority/Swing Beat Songs, Universal Music, Dynatone Publishing]

The Show Goes On

Dustin William Brower, Jonathon Keith Brown, Daniel Johnson, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, songwriters (Isaac Brock, Dann Gallucci & Eric Judy, songwriters) (Lupe Fiasco)
Track from: Lasers
[1st & 15th/Atlantic; Publishers: Hey Lu Chill, Heavy As Heaven/Universal/Artist Pub. Group West, Dustin William Brown Pub. Designee, Jonathan K. Brown Pub. Designee, Sony/ATV, Best Dressed Chicken In Town, Tschudi Music, Ugly Casanova]

24. Best Rap Album

Watch The Throne

Jay-Z & Kanye West
[Def Jam]

Tha Carter IV

Lil Wayne
[Cash Money/Young Money/Universal Republic]


Lupe Fiasco
[1st & 15th/Atlantic]

Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj
[Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown]

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West

25. Best Country Solo Performance

Dirt Road Anthem

Jason Aldean
[Broken Bow Records]

I'm Gonna Love You Through It

Martina McBride
[Republic Nashville]

Honey Bee

Blake Shelton
Track from: Red River Blue
[Warner Bros. Records]


Taylor Swift
Track from: Speak Now
[Big Machine Records]

Mama's Song

Carrie Underwood
Track from: Play On
[Arista Nahville]

26. Best Country Duo/Group Performance

Don't You Wanna Stay

Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson
[Broken Bow Records]

You And Tequila

Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter
[BNA Records]

Barton Hollow

The Civil Wars
Track from: Barton Hollow
[Sensibility Music LLC]

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

Thompson Square
Track from: Thompson Square
[Stoney Creek Records]

27. Best Country Song

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

Jim Collins & David Lee Murphy, songwriters (Thompson Square)
Track from: Thompson Square
[Stoney Creek Records; Publishers: Sexy Tractor Music/Hope-N-Cal Music, Old Desperados/N2D Publishing]

God Gave Me You

Dave Barnes, songwriter (Blake Shelton)
[Warner Bros.; Publisher: No Gang Music]

Just Fishin'

Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell & Ed Hill, songwriters (Trace Adkins)
[Show Dog-Universal Music; Publishers: Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music/Six Ring Circus Songs; Sony/ATV Tree Publishing; Five Hills Music]


Taylor Swift, songwriter (Taylor Swift)
Track from: Speak Now
[Big Machine Records; Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Taylor Swift Music]

Threaten Me With Heaven

Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Will Owsley & Dillon O’Brian, songwriters (Vince Gill)
[MCA Nashville]

You And Tequila

Matraca Berg & Deana Carter, songwriters (Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter)
[BNA Records]

28. Best Country Album

My Kinda Party

Jason Aldean
[Broken Bow Records]


Eric Church
[EMI Records Nashville]

Own The Night

Lady Antebellum
[Capitol Records Nashville]

Red River Blue

Blake Shelton
[Warner Bros. Records]

Here For A Good Time

George Strait
[MCA Nashville]

Speak Now

Taylor Swift
[Big Machine Records]

29. Best New Age Album

Northern Seas

Al Conti
[Shadowside Music]


Michael Brant DeMaria
[Ontos Music]

Wind, Rock, Sea & Flame

Peter Kater
[Point Of Light Records]

What's It All About

Pat Metheny

Instrumental Oasis, Vol. 6


30. Best Improvised Jazz Solo

All Or Nothing At All

Randy Brecker, soloist
Track from: The Jazz Ballad Song Book (Randy Brecker With DR Big Band)
[Half Note]

You Are My Sunshine

Ron Carter, soloist
Track from: This Is Jazz (Donald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham)
[Half Note]

500 Miles High

Chick Corea, soloist
Track from: Forever (Corea, Clarke & White)
[Concord Records]


Fred Hersch, soloist
Track from: Alone At The Vanguard
[Palmetto Records]

Sonnymoon For Two

Sonny Rollins, soloist
Track from: Road Shows Vol. 2

31. Best Jazz Vocal Album

'Round Midnight

Karrin Allyson
[Concord Jazz]

The Mosaic Project

Terri Lyne Carrington & Various Artists
[Concord Jazz]

The Gate

Kurt Elling
[Concord Jazz]

American Road

Tierney Sutton (Band)
[BFM Jazz]

The Music Of Randy Newman

Roseanna Vitro
[Motéma Music]

32. Best Jazz Instrumental Album

Bond: The Paris Sessions

Gerald Clayton


Corea, Clarke & White
[Concord Records]

Alone At The Vanguard

Fred Hersch
[Palmetto Records]

Bird Songs

Joe Lovano/Us Five
[Blue Note]

Road Shows Vol. 2

Sonny Rollins


[Mack Avenue Records]

33. Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album

The Jazz Ballad Song Book

Randy Brecker With DR Big Band
[Half Note]

The Good Feeling

Christian McBride Big Band
[Mack Avenue Records]

40 Acres And A Burro

Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra


Gerald Wilson Orchestra
[Mack Avenue Records]

Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook

Miguel Zenón
[Marsalis Music]

34. Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance

Do Everything

Steven Curtis Chapman
Track from: re:Creation
[Sparrow Records]

Alive (Mary Magdalene)

Natalie Grant
Track from: Music Inspired By The Story
[WOW Joint Venture/EMI CMG]

Your Love

Brandon Heath
Track from: Leaving Eden
[Reunion Records]


Le'Andria Johnson
Track from: The Awakening Of Le'Andria Johnson
[Music World Gospel]

I Lift My Hands

Chris Tomlin
Track from: And If Our God Is For Us...
[Sparrow Records / sixstepsrecords]

35. Best Gospel Song

Hello Fear

Kirk Franklin, songwriter (Kirk Franklin)
Track from: Hello Fear
[Verity Gospel Music Group/Fo Yo Soul Ent.; Publisher: Aunt Gertrude Music]

Sitting With Me

Erica Campbell, Tina Campbell, Gerald Haddon & Tammi Haddon, songwriters (Mary Mary)
Track from: Something Big
[Columbia Records; Publishers: Precious Baby Music/T Bella Music/EMI April Music, It's Tea Tyme, That's Plum Song]


Donald Lawrence, songwriter (Donald Lawrence & Co. Featuring Blanche McAllister-Dykes)
Track from: YRM (Your Righteous Mind)
[Verity Gospel Music Group; Publisher: Quiet Water Entertainment]

Trust Me

Richard Smallwood, songwriter (Richard Smallwood & Vision)
Track from: Promises
[Verity Gospel Music Group; Publishers: Universal-Z Tunes/T.Autumn Music]


Canton Jones, songwriter (Canton Jones)
Track from: Dominionaire
[Cajo Records; Publisher: CAJO Music]

36. Best Contemporary Christian Music Song


Laura Story, songwriter (Laura Story)
Track from: Blessings
[Fair Trade Services; Publishers: New Spring/Gleaning Publishing]

Hold Me

Jamie Grace Harper, Toby McKeehan & Christopher Stevens, songwriters (Jamie Grace Featuring Tobymac)
[Gotee Records; Publishers: Universal Music, Brentwood Benson Tunes, Songs of Third Base/Chriscendo Music, Meaux Mercy/Achtober Songs]

I Lift My Hands

Louie Giglio, Matt Maher & Chris Tomlin, songwriters (Chris Tomlin)
Track from: And If Our God Is For Us...
[Sparrow Records/sixstepsrecords; Publishers: sixsteps Music/ Songs/Vamos Publishing/Thankyou Music/ Publishing]

Strong Enough

Matthew West, songwriter (Matthew West)
Track from: The Story Of Your Life
[Sparrow Records; Publishers: External Combustion Music/Songs For Delaney/Songs of Southside Independent Music]

Your Love

Brandon Heath & Jason Ingram, songwriters (Brandon Heath)
Track from: Leaving Eden
[Reunion Records; Publishers: Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing/Big Skwawka Music, Sony/ATV Timber Publishing/Windsor Hill Music]

37. Best Gospel Album

The Love Album

Kim Burrell
[Shanachie Entertainment]

The Journey

Andraé Crouch
[Riverphlo Entertainment]

Hello Fear

Kirk Franklin
[Verity Gospel Music Group/ Fo Yo Soul Ent.]

Something Big

Mary Mary
[Columbia Records]

Angel & Chanelle Deluxe Edition

Trin-I-Tee 5:7
[Music World Gospel]

38. Best Contemporary Christian Music Album

Ghosts Upon The Earth

[Brash Music]

Leaving Eden

Brandon Heath
[Reunion Records]

The Great Awakening

[Essential Records]

What If We Were Real

[Sparrow Records]

Black & White

Royal Tailor
[Essential Records]

And If Our God Is For Us...

Chris Tomlin
[Sparrow Records / sixstepsrecords]

39. Best Latin Pop, Rock, Or Urban Album

Entren Los Que Quieran

Calle 13
[Sony Music]

Entre La Ciudad Y El Mar

Gustavo Galindo
[Surco/Universal Music Latino]


La Vida Bohème
[Nacional Records]

Not So Commercial

Los Amigos Invisibles
[Nacional Records]

Drama Y Luz

[Warner Music Mexico]

40. Best Regional Mexican Or Tejano Album


Pepe Aguilar


Mariachi Divas De Cindy Shea
[Shea Records/East Side Records]

Amor A La Musica

Mariachi Los Arrieros Del Valle
[Los Arrieros]

Eres Un Farsante

Paquita La Del Barrio
[Balboa Records, Co]

Huevos Rancheros

Joan Sebastian

41. Best Banda Or Norteño Album

Estare Mejor

El Güero Y Su Banda Centenario
[A.R.C. Discos]

Intocable 2011

[Good I Music]

Los Tigres Del Norte And Friends

Los Tigres Del Norte

El Árbol

Los Tucanes De Tijuana

No Vengo A Ver Si Puedo... Si Por Que Puedo Vengo

Michael Salgado
[Zurdo Records]

42. Best Tropical Latin Album

Homenaje A Los Rumberos

Edwin Bonilla
[Sonic Projects Records]

The Last Mambo

[Eventus/Sony Music Latin]


José Rizo's Mongorama
[Saungu Records]

43. Best Americana Album

Emotional Jukebox

Linda Chorney
[Dance More Less War Records]

Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down

Ry Cooder
[Perro Verde Records LLC/Nonesuch]

Hard Bargain

Emmylou Harris

Ramble At The Ryman

Levon Helm
[Vanguard/Dirt Farmer Music]


Lucinda Williams
[Lost Highway Records]

44. Best Bluegrass Album

Paper Airplane

Alison Krauss & Union Station

Reason And Rhyme: Bluegrass Songs By Robert Hunter & Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale
[Sugar Hill Records]

Rare Bird Alert

Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers

Old Memories: The Songs Of Bill Monroe

The Del McCoury Band
[McCoury Music]

A Mother's Prayer

Ralph Stanley
[Rebel Records]

Sleep With One Eye Open

Chris Thile & Michael Daves

45. Best Blues Album

Low Country Blues

Gregg Allman

Roadside Attractions

Marcia Ball

Man In Motion

Warren Haynes
[Stax Records]

The Reflection

Keb Mo
[Yolabelle International/Ryko Records]


Tedeschi Trucks Band

46. Best Folk Album

Barton Hollow

The Civil Wars
[Sensibility Music LLC]

I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

Steve Earle
[New West Records]

Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes
[Sub Pop]

Ukulele Songs

Eddie Vedder
[Monkeywrench Inc./Universal Republic]

The Harrow & The Harvest

Gillian Welch
[Acony Records]

47. Best Regional Roots Music Album

Can't Sit Down

C.J. Chenier
[World Village]

Wao Akua - The Forest Of The Gods

George Kahumoku, Jr.
[Daniel Ho Creations]

Rebirth Of New Orleans

Rebirth Brass Band
[Basin Street Records]

Grand Isle

Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys
[Mamou Playboy Records]

Not Just Another Polka

Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra
[Starr Record]

48. Best Reggae Album

Harlem-Kingston Express Live!

Monty Alexander
[Motéma Music]

Reggae Knights

Israel Vibration

Revelation Pt 1: The Root Of Life

Stephen Marley
[Tuff Gong/Universal Republic]

Wild And Free

Ziggy Marley
[Tuff Gong Worldwide]

Summer In Kingston

[Ranch Entertainment]

49. Best World Music Album


[World Circuit/Nonesuch]

Africa For Africa

Femi Kuti
[Knitting Factory Records]

Songs From A Zulu Farm

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
[Razor & Tie]


[Anti Records]

50. Best Children's Album

All About Bullies... Big And Small

(Various Artists)
Jim Cravero, Gloria Domina, Kevin Mackie, Steve Pullara & Patrick Robinson, producers
[Cool Beans Music & East Coast Recording Co.]

Are We There Yet?

The Papa Hugs Band

Fitness Rock & Roll

Miss Amy
[Ionian Productions, Inc]


The Banana Plant
[The Banana Plant]

I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs Of Fox Hollow

(Various Artists)
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, producers
[Red Beet Records]

51. Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Story Telling)


Tina Fey
[Hachette Audio]

Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond

(Various Artists)
Nathan Burbank, Bryan Cumming, Dennis Scott & David Toledo, producers
[WannaBeats Records]

Hamlet (William Shakespeare)

Dan Donohue & Various Artists - Oregon Shakespeare Festival
[Blackstone Audio Inc]

If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't)

Betty White
[Penguin Audio]

The Mark Of Zorro

Val Kilmer & Cast
[Blackstone Audio Inc.]

52. Best Comedy Album


"Weird Al" Yankovic
[Jive Records]

Finest Hour

Patton Oswalt
[Comedy Central Records]


Louis C.K.
[Comedy Central Records]

Kathy Griffin: 50 & Not Pregnant

Kathy Griffin
[Universal Network Television]

Turtleneck & Chain

The Lonely Island
[Universal Republic]

53. Best Musical Theater Album

Anything Goes

Sutton Foster & Joel Grey, artists; Rob Fisher, James Lowe & Joel
Moss, producers (Cole Porter, composer/lyricist) (New Broadway Cast Recording)
[Ghostlight Records]

The Book Of Mormon

Josh Gad & Andrew Rannells, artists; Anne Garefino, Robert Lopez,
Stephen Oremus, Trey Parker, Scott Rudin & Matt Stone, producers; Robert Lopez, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, composers/lyricists (Original Broadway Cast)
[Ghostlight Records]

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

John Larroquette & Daniel Radcliffe, artists; Robert Sher, producer
(Frank Loesser, composer/lyricist) (The 2011 Broadway Cast Recording)

54. Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media

Boardwalk Empire: Volume 1

(Various Artists)
Stewart Lerman, Randall Poster & Kevin Weaver, producers


Christina Aguilera
[RCA Records]

Glee: The Music, Volume 4

(Glee Cast)
Adam Anders, Peer Astrom & Ryan Murphy, producers
[Columbia Records]


(Various Artists)
Alan Menken, producer
[Walt Disney Records]

True Blood: Volume 3

(Various Artists)
Gary Calamar, producer
[WaterTower Music]

55. Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media

Black Swan

Clint Mansell, composer
[Sony Classical/Fox Music]

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Alexandre Desplat, composer
[WaterTower Music]

The King's Speech

Alexandre Desplat, composer

The Shrine

Ryan Shore, composer

Tron Legacy

Daft Punk, composers
[Walt Disney Records]

56. Best Song Written For Visual Media

Born To Be Somebody (From Never Say Never)

Diane Warren, songwriter (Justin Bieber)
Track from: Never Say Never The Remixes
[Island/Raymond Braun/School Boy]

Christmastime Is Killing Us (From Family Guy)

Ron Jones, Seth MacFarlane & Danny Smith, songwriters (Danny Smith, Ron Jones & Seth MacFarlane)
[Fox Music]

I See The Light (From Tangled)

Alan Menken & Glenn Slater, songwriters (Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi)
Track from: Tangled
[Walt Disney Records; Publishers: Wonderland Music/Walt Disney Music]

So Long (From Winnie The Pooh)

Zooey Deschanel, songwriter (Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward)
Track from: Winnie The Pooh
[Walt Disney Records; Publisher: Walt Disney Music]

Where The River Goes (From Footloose)

Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, Drew Pearson & Anne Preven, songwriters (Zac Brown)
Track from: Footloose
[Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville; Publishers: Weimerhound Publishing,Warner-Tamerlane Publishing, CYP Two Publishing, Lil Dub Music/Angelika Music]

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me (From Burlesque)

Diane Warren, songwriter (Cher)
Track from: Burlesque
[RCA Records; Publisher: Realsongs]

57. Best Instrumental Composition

Falling Men

John Hollenbeck, composer (John Hollenbeck, Daniel Yvinec & Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ))
Track from: Shut Up And Dance
[BEE JAZZ / Abeille Musique]

Hunting Wabbits 3 (Get Off My Lawn)

Gordon Goodwin, composer (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band)
Track from: That's How We Roll
[Telarc International]

I Talk To The Trees

Randy Brecker, composer (Randy Brecker With DR Big Band)
Track from: The Jazz Ballad Song Book
[Half Note]

Life In Eleven

Béla Fleck & Howard Levy, composers (Béla Fleck & The Flecktones)
Track from: Rocket Science
[eOne Music]


Russell Ferrante, composer (Yellowjackets)
Track from: Timeline
[Mack Avenue Records]

58. Best Instrumental Arrangement

All Or Nothing At All

Peter Jensen, arranger (Randy Brecker With DR Big Band)
Track from: The Jazz Ballad Song Book
[Half Note]

In The Beginning

Clare Fischer, arranger (The Clare Fischer Big Band)
Track from: Continuum
[Clare Fischer Productions/Clavo Records]

Nasty Dance

Bob Brookmeyer, arranger (The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra)
Track from: Forever Lasting - Live In Tokyo
[Planet Arts Recordings]

Rhapsody In Blue

Gordon Goodwin, arranger (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band)
Track from: That's How We Roll
[Telarc International]

Song Without Words

Carlos Franzetti, arranger (Carlos Franzetti & Allison Brewster Franzetti)
Track from: Alborada
[Amapola Records]

59. Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)

Ao Mar

Vince Mendoza, arranger (Vince Mendoza)
Track from: Nights On Earth

Moon Over Bourbon Street

Nicola Tescari, arranger (Sting & The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)
Track from: Sting Live In Berlin
[Deutsche Grammophon]

On Broadway

Kevin Axt, Ray Brinker, Trey Henry, Christian Jacob & Tierney Sutton, arrangers (The Tierney Sutton Band)
Track from: American Road
[BFM Jazz]

Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)

Jorge Calandrelli, arranger (Tony Bennett & Queen Latifah)
Track from: Duets II
[RPM/Columbia Records]

The Windmills Of Your Mind

William Ross, arranger (Barbra Streisand)
Track from: What Matters Most - Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics Of Alan And Marilyn Bergman
[Columbia Records]

60. Best Recording Package

Chickenfoot III

Todd Gallopo, art director (Chickenfoot)
[eOne Music]

Good Luck & True Love

Sarah Dodds & Shauna Dodds, art directors (Reckless Kelly)
[No Big Deal Records]

Rivers And Homes

Jonathan Dagan, art director (J.Viewz)
[Jorjia Music]

Scenes From The Suburbs

Caroline Robert, art director (Arcade Fire)
[Merge Records]

Watch The Throne

Virgil Abloh & Riccardo Tisci, art directors (Jay-Z & Kanye West)
[Def Jam]

61. Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package

The King Of Limbs

Donald Twain & Zachariah Wildwood, art directors (Radiohead)
[ATO Records]

The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story

Dave Bett & Michelle Holme, art directors (Bruce Springsteen)
[Columbia Records]

25th Anniversary Music Box

Matt Taylor & Ellen Wakayama, art directors (Danny Elfman & Tim Burton)

25 Years

James Spindler, art director (Sting)
[A&M Records/Cherrytree Records/UMe]

Wingless Angels - Deluxe Edition

David Gorman, art director (Wingless Angels)
[Mindless Records, LLC]

62. Best Album Notes

The Bang Years 1966-1968

Neil Diamond, album notes writer (Neil Diamond)

The Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928: The Big Bang Of Country Music

Ted Olson & Tony Russell, album notes writers (Various Artists)
[Bear Family]

Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology

Ken Shipley, album notes writer (Syl Johnson)
[The Numero Group]

Hear Me Howling!: Blues, Ballads & Beyond As Recorded By The San Francisco Bay By Chris Strachwitz In The 1960s

Adam Machado, album notes writer (Various Artists)
[Arhoolie Records]

The Music City Story: Street Corner Doo Wop, Raw R&B And Soulful Sounds From Berkeley, California 1950-75

Alec Palao, album notes writer (Various Artists)
[Ace Records]

63. Best Historical Album

Band On The Run (Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Deluxe Edition)

Paul McCartney, compilation producer; Sam Okell & Steve Rooke, mastering engineers (Paul McCartney & Wings)
[Hear Music]

The Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928: The Big Bang Of Country Music

Christopher C. King & Ted Olson, compilation producers; Christopher C. King & Chris Zwarg, mastering engineers (Various Artists)
[Bear Family]

Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology

Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier & Ken Shipley, compilation producers; Jeff Lipton, mastering engineer (Syl Johnson)
[The Numero Group]

Hear Me Howling!: Blues, Ballads & Beyond As Recorded By The San Francisco Bay By Chris Strachwitz In The 1960s

Chris Strachwitz, compilation producer; Mike Cogan, mastering engineer (Various Artists)
[Arhoolie Records]

Young Man With The Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley Masters

Ernst Mikael Jorgensen, compilation producer; Vic Anesini, mastering engineer (Elvis Presley)

64. Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

Follow Me Down

Brandon Bell & Gary Paczosa, engineers; Sangwook "Sunny" Nam & Doug Sax, mastering engineers (Sarah Jarosz)
[Sugar Hill Records]

The Harrow & The Harvest

Matt Andrews, engineer; Stephen Marcussen, mastering engineer (Gillian Welch)
[Acony Records]

Music Is Better Than Words

Rich Breen, engineer; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Seth MacFarlane)
[Universal Republic]

The Next Right Thing

Seth Glier, Kevin Killen, Brendan Muldowney & John Shyloski, engineers; John Shyloski, mastering engineer (Seth Glier)
[MPress Records]

Paper Airplane

Neal Cappellino & Mike Shipley, engineers; Brad Blackwood, mastering engineer (Alison Krauss & Union Station)

65. Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical

Danger Mouse

  • Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Present Rome (Gilda Buttá, Luciano Ciccaglioni, Gegé Munari, Dario Rosciglione, Antonello Vannucchi et al) (A)
  • Meyrin Fields EP (Broken Bells) (S)

Paul Epworth

  • Call It What You Want (Foster The People) (T)
  • I Would Do Anything For You (Foster The People) (T)
  • I'll Be Waiting (Adele) (T)
  • Life On The Nickel (Foster The People) (T)
  • No One's Gonna Love You (Cee-Lo Green) (S)
  • Rolling In The Deep (Adele) (T)

The Smeezingtons

  • Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Bruno Mars) (A)
  • If I Was You (OMG) (Far East Movement Featuring Snoop Dogg) (T)
  • Lighters (Bad Meets Evil Featuring Bruno Mars) (T)
  • Mirror (Lil Wayne Featuring Bruno Mars) (T)
  • Rocketeer (Far East Movement Featuring Ryan Tedder of One Republic) (T)

Ryan Tedder

  • Brighter Than The Sun (Colbie Caillat) (T)
  • Favorite Song (Colbie Caillat Featuring Common) (T)
  • I Remember Me (Jennifer Hudson) (T)
  • I Was Here (Beyoncé) (T)
  • Not Over You (Gavin DeGraw) (S)
  • #1Nite (One Night) (Cobra Starship) (S)
  • Rumour Has It (Adele) (T)
  • Sweeter (Gavin DeGraw) (T)
  • Who's That Boy (Demi Lovato Featuring Dev) (T)

Butch Vig

  • Wasting Light (Foo Fighters) (A)

66. Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical

Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Sonny Moore, remixer (Benny Benassi)
Track from: Electroman
[Ultra Records]

Collide (Afrojack Remix)

Afrojack, remixer (Leona Lewis)
[RCA/Syco Music]

End Of Line (Photek Remix)

Photek, remixer (Daft Punk)
Track from: Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
[Walt Disney Records]

Only Girl (In The World) (Rosabel Club Mix)

Abel Aguilera & Ralphi Rosario, remixers (Rihanna)
[Island Def Jam]

Rope (Deadmau5 Mix)

Deadmau5, remixer (Foo Fighters)
Track from: Wasting Light: Deluxe
[RCA/Roswell Records]

67. Best Surround Sound Album

An Evening With Dave Grusin

Frank Filipetti & Eric Schilling, surround mix engineers; Frank Filipetti, surround mastering engineer; Phil Ramone & Larry Rosen, surround producers (Various Artists)

Grace For Drowning

Steven Wilson, surround mix engineer; Paschal Byrne, surround mastering engineer; Steven Wilson, surround producer (Steven Wilson)


Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Kjetil Almenning, Ensemble 96 & Nidaros String Quartet)
[2L (Lindberg Lyd)]

Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (Super Deluxe Edition)

Elliot Scheiner, surround mix engineer; Bob Ludwig, surround mastering engineer; Bill Levenson & Elliot Scheiner, surround producers (Derek & The Dominos)

Spohr: String Sextet In C Major, Op. 140 & Nonet In F Major, Op. 31

Andreas Spreer, surround mix engineer; Robin Schmidt & Andreas Spreer, surround mastering engineers; Andreas Spreer, surround producer (Camerata Freden)

68. Best Engineered Album, Classical

Aldridge: Elmer Gantry

Byeong-Joon Hwang & John Newton, engineers; Jesse Lewis, mastering engineer (William Boggs, Keith Phares, Patricia Risley, Vale Rideout, Frank Kelley, Heather Buck, Florentine Opera Chorus & Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)

Glazunov: Complete Concertos

Richard King, engineer (José Serebrier, Alexey Serov, Wen-Sinn Yang, Alexander Romanovsky, Rachel Barton Pine, Marc Chisson & Russian National Orchestra)
[Warner Classics]

Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide

Tom Lazarus, Mat Lejeune, Bill Maylone & Jon Zacks, engineers; Joe Lambert, mastering engineer (Rinde Eckert, Steven Mackey & Eighth Blackbird)
[Cedille Records]

Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 3 & 4

Arne Akselberg, engineer (Leif Ove Andsnes, Antonio Pappano & London Symphony Orchestra)
[EMI Classics]

Weinberg: Symphony No. 3 & Suite No. 4 From 'The Golden Key'

Torbjörn Samuelsson, engineer (Thord Svedlund & Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra)

69. Producer Of The Year, Classical

Blanton Alspaugh

  • Aldridge: Elmer Gantry (William Boggs, Keith Phares, Patricia Risley, Vale Rideout, Frank Kelley, Heather Buck, Florentine Opera Chorus & Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)
  • Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas (Peter Takács)
  • Osterfield: Rocky Streams (Paul Osterfield, Todd Waldecker & Various Artists)

Manfred Eicher

  • Bach: Concertos & Sinfonias For Oboe; Ich Hatte Viel Bekümmernis (Heinz Holliger, Eric Höbarth & Camerata Bern)
  • Hymns & Prayers (Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica)
  • Manto & Madrigals (Thomas Zehetmair & Ruth Killius)
  • Songs Of Ascension (Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble, Todd Reynolds Quartet, The M6 & Montclair State University Singers)
  • Tchaikovsky/Kissine: Piano Trios (Gidon Kremer, Giedre Dirvanauskaite & Khatia Buniatishvili)
  • A Worcester Ladymass (Trio Mediaeval)

David Frost

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass Live (Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass)
  • Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide (Rinde Eckert, Steven Mackey & Eighth Blackbird)
  • Prayers & Alleluias (Kenneth Dake)
  • Sharon Isbin & Friends - Guitar Passions (Sharon Isbin & Various Artists)

Peter Rutenberg

  • Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45 (Patrick Dupré Quigley, James K. Bass, Seraphic Fire & Professional Choral Institute)
  • The Vanishing Nordic Chorale (Philip Spray & Musik Ekklesia)

Judith Sherman

  • Adams: Son Of Chamber Symphony; String Quartet (John Adams, St. Lawrence String Quartet & International Contemporary Ensemble)
  • Capricho Latino (Rachel Barton Pine)
  • 85th Birthday Celebration (Claude Frank)
  • Insects & Paper Airplanes - Chamber Music Of Lawrence Dillon (Daedalus Quartet & Benjamin Hochman)
  • Midnight Frolic - The Broadway Theater Music Of Louis A. Hirsch (Rick Benjamin & Paragon Ragtime Orchestra)
  • Notable Women - Trios By Today's Female Composers (Lincoln Trio)
  • The Soviet Experience, Vol. 1 - String Quartets By Dmitri Shostakovich & His Contemporaries (Pacifica Quartet)
  • Speak! (Anthony De Mare)
  • State Of The Art - The American Brass Quintet At 50 (The American Brass Quintet)
  • Steve Reich: WTC 9/11; Mallet Quartet; Dance Patterns (Kronos Quartet, Steve Reich Musicians & So Percussion)
  • Winging It - Piano Music Of John Corigliano (Ursula Oppens)

70. Best Orchestral Performance

Bowen: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2

Andrew Davis, conductor (BBC Philharmonic)

Brahms: Symphony No. 4

Gustavo Dudamel, conductor (Los Angeles Philharmonic)
[Deutsche Grammaphon]

Haydn: Symphonies 104, 88 & 101

Nicholas McGegan, conductor (Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra)
[Philharmonia Baroque Productions]

Henze: Symphonies Nos. 3-5

Marek Janowski, conductor (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin)

Martinu: The 6 Symphonies

Jirí Belohlávek, conductor (BBC Symphony Orchestra)
[Onyx Classics]

71. Best Opera Recording

Adams: Doctor Atomic

Alan Gilbert, conductor; Meredith Arwady, Sasha Cooke, Richard Paul Fink, Gerald Finley, Thomas Glenn & Eric Owens; Jay David Saks, producer (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; Metropolitan Opera Chorus)
[Sony Classical]

Britten: Billy Budd

Mark Elder, conductor; John Mark Ainsley, Phillip Ens, Jacques Imbrailo, Darren Jeffery, Iain Paterson & Matthew Rose; James Whitbourn, producer (London Philharmonic Orchestra; Glyndebourne Chorus)
[Opus Arte]

Rautavaara: Kaivos

Hannu Lintu, conductor; Jaakko Kortekangas, Hannu Niemelä, Johanna Rusanen-Kartano & Mati Turi; Seppo Siirala, producer (Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra; Kaivos Chorus)

Verdi: La Traviata

Antonio Pappano, conductor; Joseph Calleja, Renée Fleming & Thomas Hampson; James Whitbourn, producer (Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Royal Opera Chorus)
[Opus Arte]

Vivaldi: Ercole Sul Termodonte

Fabio Biondi, conductor; Romina Basso, Patrizia Ciofi, Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato, Vivica Genaux, Philippe Jaroussky, Topi Lehtipuu & Rolando Villazón; Daniel Zalay, producer (Europa Galante; Coro Da Camera Santa Cecilia Di Borgo San Lorenzo)
[Virgin Classics]

72. Best Choral Performance

Beyond All Mortal Dreams - American A Cappella

Stephen Layton, conductor (Choir Of Trinity College Cambridge)
[Hyperion Records]

Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45

Patrick Dupré Quigley, conductor; James K. Bass, chorus master (Justin Blackwell, Scott Allen Jarrett, Paul Max Tipton & Teresa Wakim; Professional Choral Institute & Seraphic Fire)
[Seraphic Fire Media]


Kjetil Almenning, conductor (Nidaros String Quartet; Ensemble 96)
[2L (Lindberg Lyd)]

Light & Gold

Eric Whitacre, conductor (Christopher Glynn & Hila Plitmann; The King's Singers, Laudibus, Pavão Quartet & The Eric Whitacre Singers)

The Natural World Of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen

Paul Hillier, conductor (Ars Nova Copenhagen)
[Dacapo Records]

73. Best Small Ensemble Performance

Frank: Hilos

Gabriela Lena Frank; ALIAS Chamber Ensemble

The Kingdoms Of Castille

Richard Savino, conductor; El Mundo
[Sono Luminus]

Mackey: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide

Rinde Eckert & Steven Mackey; Eighth Blackbird
[Cedille Records]

A Seraphic Fire Christmas

Patrick Dupré Quigley, conductor; Seraphic Fire
[Seraphic Fire Media]

Sound The Bells!

The Bay Brass
[Harmonia Mundi]

74. Best Classical Instrumental Solo

Chinese Recorder Concertos - East Meets West

Lan Shui, conductor; Michala Petri (Copenhagen Philharmonic)
[OUR Recordings]

Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2 In C Minor, Op. 18; Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini

Claudio Abbado, Yuja Wang (Mahler Chamber Orchestra)
[Deutsche Grammaphon]

Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 3 & 4

Leif Ove Andsnes, Antonio Pappano (London Symphony Orchestra)
[EMI Classics]

Schwantner: Concerto For Percussion & Orchestra

Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor; Christopher Lamb (Nashville Symphony)
Track from: Schwantner: Chasing Light…

Winging It - Piano Music Of John Corigliano

Ursula Oppens
[Cedille Records]

75. Best Classical Vocal Solo

Diva Divo

Joyce DiDonato (Kazushi Ono; Orchestre De L'Opéra National De Lyon; Choeur De L'Opéra National De Lyon)
[Virgin Classics]

Grieg/Thommessen: Veslemøy Synsk

Marianne Beate Kielland (Nils Anders Mortensen)
[2L (Lindberg Lyd)]

Handel: Cleopatra

Natalie Dessay (Emmanuelle Haïm; Le Concert D'Astrée)
[Virgin Classics]

Purcell: O Solitude

Andreas Scholl (Stefano Montanari; Christophe Dumaux; Accademia Bizantina)

Three Baroque Tenors

Ian Bostridge (Bernard Labadie; Mark Bennett, Andrew Clarke, Sophie Daneman, Alberto Grazzi, Jonathan Gunthorpe, Benjamin Hulett & Madeline Shaw; The English Concert)
[EMI Classics]

76. Best Contemporary Classical Composition

Aldridge, Robert: Elmer Gantry

Robert Aldridge & Herschel Garfein

Crumb, George: The Ghosts Of Alhambra

George Crumb
Track from: Complete Crumb Edition, Vol. 15
[Bridge Records, Inc.]

Friedman, Jefferson: String Quartet No. 3

Jefferson Friedman
Track from: Jefferson Friedman: Quartets
[New Amsterdam Records]

Mackey, Steven: Lonely Motel - Music From Slide

Steven Mackey
[Cedille Records]

Ruders, Poul: Piano Concerto No. 2

Poul Ruders
Track from: Music Of Poul Ruders, Vol. 6
[Bridge Records, Inc.]

77. Best Short Form Music Video

Rolling In The Deep

Sam Brown, video director; Hannah Chandler, video producer
[XL Recordings/Columbia Records]

Yes I Know

Memory Tapes
Eric Epstein, video director; Eric Epstein, video producer
[Carpark Records]

All Is Not Lost

Itamar Kubovy, Damian Kulash Jr & Trish Sie, video directors; Shirley Moyers, video producer

Lotus Flower

Garth Jennings, video director; Garth Jennings, video producer
[XL/TBD Records]

First Of The Year (Equinox)

Tony Truand, video director; David Gitlis & Noah Klein, video producers
[Big Beat/Atlantic]

Perform This Way

"Weird Al" Yankovic
"Weird Al" Yankovic, video director; Cisco Newman, video producer
[Jive Records]

78. Best Long Form Music Video

I Am...World Tour

Ed Burke, Frank Gatson Jr. & Beyoncé Knowles, video directors; Beyoncé Knowles & Camille Yorrick, video producers
[Columbia Records/Music World]

Foo Fighters: Back And Forth

Foo Fighters
James Moll, video director; James Moll & Nigel Sinclair, video producers
[Exclusive Media Group/RCA Records/Back & Fort]

Talihina Sky: The Story Of Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon
Stephen C. Mitchell, video director; Casey McGrath, video producer
[RCA/Kings of Leon]

Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest
Michael Rapaport, video director; Robert Benavides, Debra Koffler, Eric Matthies, Frank Mele, Edward Parks & A Tribe Called Quest, video producers

Nine Types Of Light

TV On The Radio
Tunde Adebimpe, video director; Michelle An & Caren Braj, video producers

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