Monday, September 24, 2012

‘2 Broke Girls’ latest news: Season 2 premiere, Kat Dennings Emmys and PTC (Video)

Shhh. The season premiere for “2 Broke Girls” is on tonight, but don’t tell the Parents Television Council (PTC). According to a September 23, 2012 report from the New York Daily News, the PTC finds much of the adult themes presented on the show controversial and certainly not appropriate for children. The News writes, “And yes, some folks don’t like it. ‘ Boring, crass, witless and offensive’, declared the Parents Television Council.” The report is quite accurate as thePTC gave the show three red lights for sex, language and overall content. Red lights indicate the show has content that is unsuitable for children under 18. The PTC isn’t alone with its criticism, but still 2 Broke Girls has proved to be an acquired taste. If you find raunchy jokes humorous, don’t mind ethnic jokes or sexual stereotypes, then you may be one of the millions that finds 2 Broke Girls worthy of a second season and tune in for tonight’s premiere. Those in Tampa Bay will find 2 Broke Girls on CBS, located at channel 10. The season 2 premiere begins for Tampa Bay viewers at 9 pm.
Here’s a little bit more about 2 Broke Girls and its stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs.
“2 Broke Girls” and Whitney Cummings
It would be impossible to discuss the origins of 2 Broke Girls and neglect the story of its development, beginning with Whitney Cummings. Cummings co-created the series with Michael Patrick King. The two also serve as the show’s executive producers. The series was picked up the same time as NBC ran with another Cummings’ series: “Whitney.” In addition to her roles as an actress, writer, and producer, Cummings is a stand-up comic and appeared in Ashton Kutcher’s hit show “Punk’d.” Cummings is the epitome of brains and beauty that produce comedic wit as she also had a modeling career. You can learn more about Cummings and the many hats she wears at her official website: Whitney Cummings.
“2 Broke Girls” Plot: Max Black meets Caroline Wesbox Channing
One of the reasons that “2 Broke Girls” has become a hit, is its simple plot. Max Black (played by Kat Dennings) is a struggling waitress who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. She meets Caroline Wesbox Channing (Beth Behrs) who is the daughter of an imprisoned Bernie-Madoff style, Ponzi-scheming swindler who winds up in prison and sends his pampered-princess daughter into a life of scrimping previously unknown. Lucky for Caroline, she lands a job working with Max at the Williamsburg Diner. Max takes pity on Caroline (something she is unaccustomed to doing), and lets her move in to her rat-shack apartment.
Though Max feels her life is going nowhere, she has one secret talent: cupcakes! When Caroline discovers that Max has been baking scrumptious cupcakes and offering them at the diner, she puts her economics training into action and convinces Max that the two can launch a cupcake business.
Other cast members include former “Saturday Night Live” alumni Garrett Morris as Earl, who works the register at the diner; Matthew Moy, the Korean (and often discriminated against) owner of the diner Han Lee; and Jonathan Kite who plays the testosterone-drenched Ukrainian cook Oleg.
The show has a feel similar to that of “The Odd Couple,” however, with more vulgarity, sexual innuendoes and often leads viewers on a guided journey into taboo subjects.
We’ve heard the plot has also received some excitement from members of the LGBT community that would like to see Max and Caroline ditch loser boyfriends (or the search for them), and end up as a couple. So far, there are no announced plans to take Max and Caroline into a lesbian relationship.
“2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episodes and Awards
“2 Broke Girls” premiered to a staggering 19.37 million viewers on September 9, 2011. The pilot episode was well received and though the show’s content remains controversial, the first season won a number of awards. The show was nominated for The Comedy Awards (2011) and for the 2012 Emmy Awards, Teen Choice Awards (sorry PTC but teens are watching), Excellence in Production Design Awards and the Casting Society of America Announces Artios Awards.
For the 2011 Comedy Awards, the show won best comedy series, favorite couple (Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs) and Favorite New TV Comedy. On September 23, 2012, “2 Broke Girls” won the Emmy award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series.
Here is a list of “2 Broke Girls” Season 1 Episodes
  1. Pilot
  2. And the Break-up Scene
  3. And Strokes of Goodwill
  4. And the Rich People Problems
  5. And the ’90s Horse Party
  6. And the Disappearing Bed
  7. And the Pretty Problem
  8. And Hoarder Culture
  9. And the Really Petty Cash
  10. And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving
  11. And the Reality Check
  12. And the Pop-up Sale
  13. And the Secret Ingredient
  14. And the Upstairs Neighbor
  15. And the Blind Spot
  16. And the Broken Hearts
  17. And the Kosher Cupcakes
  18. And the One-night Stands
  19. And the Spring Break
  20. And the Drug Money
  21. And the Messy Purse Smackdown
  22. And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough
  23. And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (part 1)
  24. And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (part 2)
The pilot episode for Season 2 is titled And the Hidden Stash and is directed by Fred Savage who starred in The Wonder Years as Kevin Arnold. Savage directs the first three episodes in season 2 including And the Hidden Stash, And the Pearl Necklace, as well as And the Hold Up.
One way the show keeps viewers tuned in is by creating a weekly tally regarding how much Max and Caroline have saved towards their cupcake business. At the end of the first season, the girls had saved $927.00.
Kat Dennings at 2012 Emmy Awards
On September 23, 2012, Kat Dennings appeared at the 2012 Emmy Awards show wearing a strapless crimson gown by J. Mendel. Dennings is regarded for her voluptuous curves and reports state she was worried the dress might prove unable to withstand the challenge. Speaking to E! News, Dennings stated she worried that if she stood with proper posture, the dress might suffer a wardrobe malfunction.
“I’m very nervous. If I stand up too straight, there's a possibility...So if I hunch, that's why. It's not because I have terrible posture, it's from fear of things coming out,” quotes the Daily Mail.
Dennings made a grand impression and rocked the look. She didn’t suffer a wardrobe malfunction, however, Sofia Vergara did. Vergara shared photos on her Twitter and WhoSay account, indicating the actress ripped the back of her gown, as well as the front. Vergara’s wardrobe malfunction occurred approximately 20 minutes before the show won for best comedy series.
Dennings, whose ample assets posed just as great a threat as Vergara’s, managed to survive the night unscathed, as did “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks.
Check the photos in the link below to see who made our top 15 best dressed at the Emmys. Click the slideshow player to the left for “2 Broke Girls” cast photos.


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