Monday, February 13, 2012

Why the Nicki Minaj ‘Roman Zolanksi’ demon possessed skit was utterly wrong (videos)

Despite the fact that Nicki Minaj’ “Roman Zolanski” was a hot mess, complete with demonic speaking in tongues, levitation, and slams against the Catholic Church, there are other reasons why Nicki Minaj’ performance was utterly wrong: Whitney Houston’s death.

Whitney Houston is the daughter of famous Gospel singer, Cissy Houston. She first sang in church, and some of her most beloved songs are those that are inspirational. She starred in “The Preacher’s Wife” and though some may make theological arguments against Whitney Houston, there is no question that spirituality not only shaped the beloved singer, but also influenced her from her beginnings.

Because Whitney Houston died on the eve of the Grammy Awards, the production was overshadowed by the loss. The show had poignant moments of tribute to Whitney whose family is grieving their loss. Rev. Al Sharpton called for national prayer for Whitney Houston’s family, and LL Cool J opened the Grammy Awards with prayer (which must have been a first). How stark the contrast was for an evening filled with love, prayer, sorrow and mourning to culminate in a horrific display of demon possession and attack on religion.

Simply put, Nicki Minaj’ performance was not only musically terrible, but it was horribly inappropriate in light of the loss of a woman who began her career in the church and is the daughter of a Gospel singer.

The Grammy Awards became a “wake” of sorts, if you will, in honor and memory of one of the greatest female singers that ever lived. There was great focus placed on spirituality, prayer, and grief from the time the show opened. Nicki Minaj not only spit in the face of the Catholic Church with her hellish performance, but I believe she disrespected the memory of Whitney Houston as well.

There were plenty of last minute changes to the Grammy Awards. Jennifer Hudson performed a heart wrenching and stunning tribute to Whitney.

Nicki Minaj would have been better off canceling her “exorcism” and performing something more appropriate for the mood.

Nicki Minaj’ Roman Zolanski not only seemed out of place with the entire mood of the Grammys, it was just plain wrong.

With as many Gospel songs Whitney Houston sang, one must ask what her reaction to Nicki Minaj’ performance would have been?

Whitney Houston sings in New Hope Baptist Church as a child


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