Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opinion on 54th Annual Grammys: Tributes to Whitney, old and the horrendous Nicki Minaj (videos)

I will begin by sharing my opinions on tonight’s 54th Annual Grammys by saying that I was well pleased with the way the show honored Whitney Houston. Though she died suddenly on February 11, 2012, she was not the only great musician lost recently and I thought her death had the prominence deserved without overshadowing the entire awards show, nor did her death over power the tribute to other great artists lost. Overall, I thought the tributes to Whitney were tasteful, well done, and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job singing “I Will Always Love You.” Now, onto the old and the horrendous.

The night started with L.L. Cool J giving opening prayer and then Bruno Mars took the platform and I believe was instrumental in getting the mood from somber to one of celebration. Bruno Mars conjures up many of the old greats: Elvis, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and even a bit of Prince and The Time. I find it extremely enjoyable to see a new generation of music lovers listen to music that reflects so much of the great history of rock and roll. Also bringing some old classics to light and with new flair include bands and singers such as Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Glenn Campbell, and Tony Bennett. Honestly, this year had so many “old” performers that I really enjoyed the Grammys much more than I have in years past. I love Adele and was delighted to see her return and get her props. Things were going very well, that is until the horrendous happened.

Do you know what I mean by horrendous?

That’s right, folks. I am talking Nicki Minaj Roman Zolanski pitiful exorcism/Lady Gaga wanna be.

It was a nightmare and I almost changed the channel.

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First, I had a hard enough time watching Lady Gaga with her crazed look, reminding me of Norma Desmond. Seriously, I think Gaga’s boat has sailed port and it looked like she was ready to charge the stage in a pitiful attempt to demand her awards. What was that thing she was holding anyway? As I watched in utter amazement at her getup, imagining her veil may have been made from barbed wire, pressing into her face, causing such a twisted appearance (you never know, this is the woman who wore a dress of raw meat); I then began to worry what she had in that golden cane.

Maybe the top screwed off and she had a samurai sword or something. Honestly, that woman is scary! I thought that Gaga’s bizarre looks and insane stares were about as weird as things could get, and then Nicki Minaj unleashed her Zolanski on us.
Nicki Minaj’ performance, was in my opinion, the lowest part of the show. The lyrics were bizarre, the theatrics were crazy, and all I could think of was her ‘people’ saying “this is going to be bigger than Gaga, this is going to be bigger than Gaga” when the person to compete with wasn’t Gaga at all but Adele!
Please folks. One goo-goo eyed Gaga is enough. We don’t need another one conjuring up the hordes of hell and staring into the camera like some zombie-eyed lunatic.

As for me, I’d vote for Adele over Gaga's and Minaj’ demon possessed, lipstick smearing, levitating, mother hating, Roman Zolanksi any day.

I don’t even think the Catholic Church is going to get in an uproar over this- it really isn’t worth it. It truly was pathetic and I’m sure they are just as confused over what transpired as the rest of the viewers are. Was it even offensive? I think it was just terrible.

I enjoyed the Grammys tonight, more so than I have in years. If Minaj had been cut from the show, I would have ventured to say it was a perfect night. Her performance was ridiculous and absolutely horrendous. Honestly, I wouldn’t have blamed the Recording Academy if they promptly took back Minaj’ “Best New Artist” nomination after that monstrosity.

On another note, I must say that I have found a new band tonight, that honestly, I have never heard of before "The Civil Wars." I'm not big on country music so this gem had escaped my notice. Definitely one of my favorite moments tonight was the 60 seconds of "The Civil Wars" singing "Barton Hollow."

Barton Hollow


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